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We specialise in performing tune ups, diagnosing and repairing computer problems, check engine issues, fuel injection issues, SRS and ABS faults. 

Tune Up

Regular tune ups are probably the best thing you can do for your car – and your wallet! Our tune-up service can make your car more fuel-efficient, ensure it is starting and running properly, and identify early-stage problems before they become serious and expensive to fix. 


Good brakes are a crucial part of the safety features on your vehicle. Anti-lock braking prevents the wheels from locking when you brake, allowing you to maintain steering control and improving the wheels’ traction on the road. If your ABS warning light is lit, you will be unable to get your vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness. We can diagnose and repair your anti-lock braking system and get you safely back on the road. 


In the event of an accident in your vehicle, air bags can make the difference between minor and serious injuries. Designed to inflate on impact, frontal air bags can protect the driver and front-seat passenger from head and neck injuries. Side air bags provide protection for the head and torso should your vehicle be hit from the side. It is important to get your air bags checked if the SRS airbag light is on, as your car’s supplementary restraint system may not be working correctly – you will also be unable to get your vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness if the light is on. We can diagnose and repair air bag systems. 

Check Engine

The “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on to alert you that your vehicle’s onboard computer has detected a problem with the emissions system on your vehicle. This could indicate something simple like a loose gas cap or a more serious issue such as a misfiring engine. It may also be a sign that your car is getting poor fuel economy and emitting higher levels of pollutants. 


Most cars these days have a lot of computer equipment keeping things running behind the scenes. We will diagnose any problems and aim to repair the fault; if that is not possible, we are able to replace computer and electronic components.

Fuel Injection

If you are having trouble starting your engine, or it is cutting out or idling noisily, you could have dirty fuel injectors. Clean fuel injectors also result in lower fuel consumption, and we recommend you get them cleaned at around every 60,000km. We can clean your injectors, test them for leaks and improve flow.