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SRS supplementary restraint system (air bag)

In the event of an accident in your vehicle, air bags can make the difference between minor and serious injuries. Designed to inflate on impact, frontal air bags can protect the driver and front-seat passenger from head and neck injuries. Side air bags provide protection for the head and torso should your vehicle be hit from the side. It is important to get your air bags checked if the SRS airbag light is on, as your car’s supplementary restraint system may not be working correctly – you will also be unable to get your vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness if the light is on. We can diagnose and repair air bag systems.

We use three top brands of the most up-to-date scan tools available. This ensures we can diagnose all types of cars and improves the quality and success of our diagnostic services. We are continually updating our technical information from New Zealand and overseas to ensure that our database of vehicles is the most recent, so that we are best informed to give you service you can trust.